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    1. Why should I buy a Kobo Vox eReader?

      Kobo Vox was designed for reading and so much more!

      • Incredible book-like reading experience – Unique quilted back fits perfectly in your hand for ultimate comfort with a wide-angle screen that's perfect for shared reading and optimized for outdoor viewing.
      • Easy access to the world's biggest bookstore – Millions of books with new releases, NYT® bestsellers and more. Browse 1 million free books including favorite classics, steamy romances, thrillers from emerging talent and even sci-fi!
      • Rich color content – Cookbooks, travel guides, comics and everything in between. Plus, interactive Read Along books for kids and thousands of top magazines from Zinio and newspapers from PressReader.
      • Start reading right away – Get three rich color books free when you sign into your Kobo Vox! Plus, enjoy twelve top magazines from Zinio including Elle, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, O, The Oprah Magazine and Food Network Magazine, as well as seven newspapers of your choice from PressReader without spending a dime!
      • Read freely – Read your books on whichever device you choose, whether another open standard eReader, PC or Mac computer or most popular smartphones and tablets. We'll even bookmark your page so you never lose your spot!

        Download free eReading apps »
      • A whole new world of social reading – Find out what others are reading and see what they think of the passage you just read with Kobo Pulse, a feature we just added to Reading Life. You can also share your thoughts and ideas with the whole Kobo community!

        Learn more about Reading Life, our popular social reading platform »
      • Web, email and over 500,000 apps for Android - Pre-loaded with all the essentials including Web, email, media players for all your movies and tunes and top apps such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Play, Rdio® (coming soon!), Zinio, PressReader, Facebook® and Twitter®.

        Plus, find over 500,000 free apps including Angry Birds, a Kobo favourite, on Google Play!
    2. When can I buy a Kobo Vox eReader?

      Kobo Vox will be officially available as of October 28, 2011, but in-store and online availability may vary. Please check with your preferred retailer for details.

    3. Where can I buy a Kobo Vox eReader?

      Kobo Vox can be bought directly through Kobo or from select retailers. For more information, visit Where to buy

      Remember to check back frequently. Over the next few weeks, we'll be announcing shipments to additional countries and retailers!

    4. How much will a Kobo Vox eReader cost?

      The MSRP (suggested price for retailers) is $199.99 in Canada and the US. Check with your preferred retailer for specific pricing.

    5. Where can I find Kobo Vox eReader technical specifications – for instance, battery life, available storage, weight, size, supported file formats, etc.?

      For a complete list of technical specifications, visit Tech Specs

    6. Which languages does Kobo Vox eReader support?

      Kobo Vox is currently available in English only, with French, German, Dutch and Italian coming soon.

    7. How does Kobo Vox eReader compare to Kobo Touch and Kobo Wi Fi?

      To learn how Kobo Vox compares to our other eReaders, visit Compare

    8. Where can I download free Kobo eReading apps to read on my Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet?

      Kobo offers free eReading apps for Mac and PC computers and BlackBerry, Android and Apple® smartphones and tablets. Read freely, on whichever device you choose. We'll even bookmark your page so you never lose your spot!

      Download free eReading apps »

  • Download User Guide

    Download Kobo Vox eReader User Guide (PDF) »


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