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With eBooks you can carry your whole library with you everywhere you go. Read on your Kobo eReader, computer, tablet, or smartphone. Browse the millions of free and affordable best sellers in the Kobo Store, or add your own books. No matter how you want to read it's easy to get started.

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The Kobo Store offers millions of eBooks. Read the latest New York Times® Bestsellers, the day's Top 50 most popular books, award winners, and more. You can even browse over a million free eBooks!

What's more, many of our free Kobo apps come with a selection of classics to get you started, and the Kobo eReader comes with 100 free eBooks ready to read!

Since Kobo supports two of the most popular eBook formats (EPUB and PDF), you can even use the Kobo eReader and free Kobo apps to read compatible books from your local library and other sources. Most eBooks from online bookstores and libraries are protected using Digital Rights Management (DRM). This lets them prevent unauthorized copying and redistribution. The Kobo eReader supports one of the best-known varieties of DRM — Adobe Reader® Mobile technology. You can use your Kobo eReader to read any EPUB or PDF books that are protected with this technology.

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Reading should be easy, no matter where you are or how you choose to read. To make this possible, Kobo offers reading apps for a variety of popular computers, tablets, and smartphones. Read on your dedicated Kobo eReader, or use our free apps on your favourite device!

Desktop and laptop computers:




  • Kobo eReader
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Aluratek Libre
  • Sony Reader
  • Many others!


  • Apple iPod Touch

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Kobo offers you the freedom of choice. With Kobo you can read the same books on many devices — use the Kobo eReader or the free reading apps on any supported computer, smartphone, or tablet. But best of all, you don't need to choose. You can use any combination of these and switch between them at will. Kobo keeps track of which books you've bought from the Kobo Store, and where you are in each book. Start reading your latest novel on your Kobo eReader, then pick up where you left off on your iPhone. Your books and bookmarks switch with you. Never forget your book, never lose your place.


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