Understanding Territorial Rights

Our goal at Kobo is to offer content to readers throughout the world – our catalogue currently includes books from publishers all over the world. Many books are available wherever you live; some are only available if you live in certain countries.

About Territorial Restrictions

Some content is published with territorial restrictions – this essentially means it is licensed for sale only in specified geographic locations. Content may also have more than one licensing agreement as well. For example, a book may be licensed by one publishing house in the United States and by a completely separate publisher in the UK.

Expanding Content Internationally

Wherever and whenever possible, Kobo is asking publishers to provide international rights for their content. However, for many previously published titles, international rights are simply not available. In these cases, we are working with the publishing houses to secure as much geographical clearance as we can, as soon as we can. We also offer distinct experiences based on the country you live in. This allows us to broaden our content by working with publishers and authors in other countries, and will also allow us to offer content in many more languages.

Reporting Geographical Errors

If we have incorrectly identified the geographic location where you live and you believe you should be allowed you to view titles based on your geographic location, simple sign in to your account, visit the Account section and enter a valid credit card and billing address. Then go back to the title you were trying to view. Updating your address information will tell you whether or not you have the right to view the content in question. If you can’t see the title in question, or receive a message that the book is unavailable due to territorial rights, it means we do not have the rights from the publisher to sell that title in your territory.


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