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With Kobo, eReading couldn't be easier - our goal is to bring you the eBooks you are looking for, help you purchase them quickly and get you reading right away - anytime, anyplace, on any device.

For instance, did you know that with Kobo, you can browse, search, buy and read your favorite eBooks on just about any device you choose - from select Smartphones, tablets, computers, eReaders and more.

  • Kobo's got your book.

    Further, Kobo is just like your favorite bookstore, but with more titles to choose from: we have millions of bestsellers, new releases, award winners, classics, even hidden gems.

    The New York Times, Oprah's Book Club, The Globe and Mail, and other top seller lists are all available at the Kobo Store or through

  • Transfer books to any device.

    We are a device-neutral platform. Using a Kobo app on your smartphone, desktop, or tablet, your eBooks and even your bookmarks follow you so you'll never lose your place. Plus, read eBooks from other platforms as long as they're in the open standards the Kobo service supports, like ePub and PDF.

  • Easy, convenient eBook gifting!

    Share the books you love - send your favourite eBooks as gifts to friends and family. Pick out a book and send instantly or pick your own date; with scheduled deliveries you'll always be ready for that special occasion. You can even add a message for a personal touch. Sending eBooks is quick, easy, and sure to please.

  • eGift cards, the perfect gift
    for everyone!

    Kobo eGift cards let you give friends and family the gift of Kobo store credit, and the pleasure of choosing from millions of great eBooks. Plus, enjoy the same great benefits of regular gifting - choose when you want your eGift card delivered, add a personal note, and pick a great design for your gift. Send the perfect gift in minutes.


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