Need help with your Kobo Wireless eReader? You've come to the right place!

  1. Computer screens give me a headache, does the eReader use the same kind of screen?

    No. Computer screens are bright and backlit, which is a common source of headaches and eye strain. Your Kobo eReader uses an E-Ink screen that looks and reads just like paper. It is just as relaxing on your eyes as reading a paper book.

  2. How long will my Kobo Wireless eReader last on a single charge?

    Up to 2 weeks, or roughly 10,000 page turns (depending on usage).

  3. How long does it take the battery to fully charge?

    Using the USB cable to charge the Kobo Wireless eReader takes anywhere between 2 to 3 hours for a full charge when the battery is completely drained. This charge will last approximately 10,000 page turns or two weeks of average reading.

    If you charge your Kobo Wireless eReader once a week, even after 5 years the battery will still have a 20% of its capacity left.

    It's important to remember that the battery in the Kobo Wireless eReader is embedded which means it cannot be replaced.

  4. Does the Kobo eReader come with a power adapter?

    The Kobo eReader does not come with an AC power adapter. However, the Kobo Wireless eReader will charge using any mini-USB adapter such as those that come with iPhone (USB) or BlackBerry® devices.

    If you plan on using the eReader overseas please ensure that you use the correct voltage adapter to connect the Kobo Wireless eReader to the outlet.

    We will have accessories such as chargers available at a later date.

  5. My reader is defective, what do I do?

    If you purchased a Kobo Wireless eReader from one our participating retailers please contact them directly or go directly to their web site for more information.

  6. How do I load my documents to my Kobo Wireless eReader?

    You can add your own PDF documents to your Kobo Wireless eReader by connecting your Kobo Wireless eReader to your computer or laptop using the supplied USB cable. The Kobo Wireless eReader will become available as a removable storage device. Drag-and-drop your PDF files onto the Kobo Wireless eReader.

    If you have an external SD card (up to 32 GB), you can load PDFs on that, insert it into your eReader and your Kobo Wireless eReader will automatically detect new content.

    .txt, .rtf, and .doc files are not currently supported.

  7. How do I load Kobo books into my library?

    The Kobo Wireless eReader comes with the Kobo Desktop Application. This application allows you to download books from the Kobo bookstore onto your Kobo Wireless eReader. Plus, you can add ePUB and PDF books (including those protected using Adobe DRM) by several methods, including using Adobe Digital Editions via SD card, and by manually copying them onto your Kobo Wireless eReader.

  8. What is included with the Kobo Wireless eReader?

    The Kobo Wireless eReader will come with the following items:

    • USB Cable
    • A Quick Start Guide
    • 100 pre-loaded books
    • Kobo Desktop Application
    • 1 year limited warranty

    The Quick Start guide provides instructions on how to install the Kobo Desktop Application.

  9. What type of SD card does the Kobo Wireless eReader support?

    The Kobo Wireless eReader supports SD cards up to 32 GB in size.

  10. Will you continue to support the original Kobo eReader?

    Yes, Kobo is committed to supporting all our products and will continue to support our original eReader. Questions? Contact us at help@kobo.com.


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